Tscreen & upcoming website updates

It took some time because I was busy with other things but it's finally ready. Tscreen is finally available in a release version. While not all the features I had planned are currently working or have been coded, they are going to be added sooner or later. Also for the first time, I offer the source code to anyone who asks for it. I still need to decide which license I'll use to distribute it but it shouldn't take a lot of time to decide.

And now for the upcoming updates on my website. The first thing I'll work on is my blog. As I plan to increase the number of updates and the amount of content on my websites, the number of news will soon exceed the maximum my home page can hold so to allow you to read all the wonderful stuff I wrote, the blog feature will be required to navigate throught older news and other stuff.Also, I plan to add some useful web tools for everyone to use, with my first one almost done. *Hint* Web based FTP client.





This year for Blizzcon, I’ve built (with some help of Alram and Dinnerbone) a dynamic website to follow the Blizzcon event and chat with people who are also watching it via the live stream.

If you are interested, visit blizzcon.marlamin.com for the official version or visit old.thoorium.com/blizzcon/ if you want the dev version.

My portfolio

So yeah, I've just started to fill up my portfolio with the stuff I'm currently working on and old work I've done in the past. For most of them, I give and will give the source code for you to play with and modify. If I think something is not ready yet to be released, there's a high possibility that I'll build the page anyway and disable all the download links. If you're smart enough, you should be able to gather all the files from the demo I put on every portfolio page.


Yep. This is the place where I put up everything I do and want to share with everyone. Have fun and please do not try to find the secret page.